About Keith Fields

English comedian and magician Keith Fields is ‘An alien of extraordinary ability’.  Those are not his words, they are the words used to describe him on his work visa by the United States Homeland Security!  So it must be true if the USA government says so!

He is an award winning magician and comedy club veteran from the UK. He started performing as a street entertainer but was quickly picked up by the Comedy Store in Leicester Square where he became a regular performer and headliner.  A good thing too as winter was coming and the streets were getting cold.  That was all in 1984 and he was performing alongside the likes of Lee Evans and Eddie Izzard.

Since then he has quite literally performed all around the world.  He has entertained British troops in the Falkland Islands, Royalty and heads of state in the UK and hundreds of thousands of others at theatres, festivals and comedy clubs around the world.  He has been on TV many times in the UK and Europe including the British version of Saturday Night Live and his successful Edinburgh Festival show led to an equally successful sold out run in London’s West End.

He must have a great sense of humour because a year ago he gave up the bright lights of London and moved to Detroit!  Why?  Well come and see his show and you might find out!

Although he has only been in the USA for a couple of years he has already performed twice in Vegas, in an off Broadway show in New York and in front of 4 presidents of the USA… well that was on a day trip to Mount Rushmore but it still counts!

Keith’s most unbelievable stage experience… When headlining at one of London’s Premier comedy clubs there was a last minute change in the support acts.  The show was underway and Keith arrived late only to walk in and see Robin Williams on stage… Follow that!  Keith did and got a standing Ovation!

In 1998 Keith was chosen to be the ‘face’ of Jongleurs, the leading chain of comedy clubs in the UK.  Many TV and radio interviews followed and Keith was involved in the launch of new clubs and TV projects.  This eventually led to the development of ‘The Jongleurs School of Comedy’.

The school was a training company which used the techniques of comedians to teach communication skills, creative thinking, problem solving, and fun in the workplace.  Keith was the Lead Trainer and Course Writer for the school and his work was the theme of a 40 minute documentary called ‘Office Jokers’.

He is the author of several books including ‘How to Handle Hecklers’ which is the comedian’s bible about dealing with interruptions and a CD and work book set called ‘How to Supercharge Your Memory’ – The Secrets of the World Champion Memory Experts.

Keith still performs around the world.  He also speaks, consults and runs seminars on presentation skills, creative thinking, problem solving and trade shows tactics.   He has a wonderful wife, 3 amazing children, one daughter-in-law, one grand-daughter and a tortoise.